Newspaper Testimony

PaperA Christian newspaper in Ukraine printed my testimony regarding my fall. I would like for God to have all the glory for saving my life, because there is no way I should have survived a 150 foot fall!

Aid packing continues!

AidUAWe are continue packing humanitarian aid for war refugees in Ukraine! We are amazed by the response of the local churches, and the amount of aid as well as finances provided for this project!

Brain – A miracle indeed!

BrainThis past Wednesday I attended lecture for DePaul Alumni on Traumatic Brain Injuries to learn a little more about the injuries that I have sustained. What was interesting, is the comment that the lecturer made while she was explaining Cortical Maps. She said something to the point of “whoever designed this knew what they were doing”. No matter how much people try to deny the existence of God, eventually they come to realization that the intelligence behind this world is impossible for us to comprehend!

#IamAChristian, are you?

IamAChristianI am proud and honored to be a follower of Jesus Christ. I am willing to follow Him, and Him alone, even if it will cost me my possessions, position, or even my life! Are you ready to make the same statement and actually resolve to stand by it?

Prayer of thanksgiving: Jesse

JesseWellEarlier in the year we asked you to pray for Jesse, who had 2 strokes. Recently we had an opportunity to visit him, and very happy to see that he is slowly recovering. He still has a long way to go, but doing much better now. Please continue to keep their family in prayer!


Please pray for the pastor Taras Sen, who was captured yesterday by armed Russian separatists during the church service. Where he is located no one knows. Pray for his wife and 4 small children and his safe return home.
Pastor Taras, supported refugees at the war zone at the east of Ukraine.