Pilgrim’s Progress


One of the best books ever written after the Bible, is Pilgrim’s Progress. This book lays out the life of a Christian in the world as a trip to promised land. If you have never read this book, I would encourage you to do so! Below is a link to PDF/MP3 version of the book:


Video on youtube:


Kenya 2013-2014


We are grateful to God, that He gave us opportunity to visit Kenya with a group of missionaries from USA. This trip was organized by SFG Youth Ministries (www.sfgministry.org). During the three weeks that we spent in Kenya, we were able to conduct 9 clinics, work with the youth, work with orphans, work with homeless and conduct other humanitarian work. We hope that trough the work we have done, people were able to see Love of Jesus in us!

Blog Open!

We are gratefull to God that He helped us get this website up and running! We hope it will lead to salvation of many souls and help in the fufilment of the Great Comission! May God help us!